Kazan şanslı kutu kumar oyunları poker ta Nerede Monako’

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Kumar Çeşitleri Nelerdir? En Çok Oynanan Kumar Oyunları

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106 thoughts to “Kazan şanslı kutu kumar oyunları poker ta Nerede Monako’”

  1. Why are they overdoing and hyping it? I just wanted to watch them play poker, not have music on every card or motion…

  2. Sometime i think Aaron is still in jesse pinkman character

  3. Ronaldo open jacket and get the 7 number for Aaron🤣

  4. Would you rather compete with Ronaldo or with Aaron Paul?

    1. pokerstar this poker was edit wrong, as paul had 6 hearts and the floop also had 6 hearts .. we all know that poker is 1 card of each suit .. the truth is paul had a 6 of spades

  5. Cristiano should have just been invited to play Poker After Dark instead of this action packed, three handed, sack of crap.

  6. Im going to view breaking bad so differently now. Shouldnt have watched this madness.

  7. The clammy poland optionally release because sampan inherently destroy abaft a ethereal swim. weak, testy windchime

  8. pokerstar this poker was edit wrong, as paul had 6 hearts and the floop also had 6 hearts .. we all know that poker is 1 card of each suit .. the truth is paul had a 6 of spades

  9. ronaldo is a whale ,men,he is handsome and talent😂

  10. Hubiesen puesto a walter white es más inteligente xD

  11. 6:00 Damn they really edited that sentence together, wonder what he really said

  12. Man its crazy how you can blatantly hear them cut audio to make Aaron say what they want

  13. The crossover nobody expected but it would have been much better if it was less scripted, just let it roll with CR7 vs Jesse.

  14. Walter : what did you do with the money
    Jesse: I played poker with cristiano Ronaldo

  15. If Ronaldo didnt get the ace of hearts Aaron wouldve won with a Flush, instead Ronaldo wins with a flush highest card. These ppl who amde this doesnt even know poker. It shows Ronaldo has the best hand b4 the River, which he actually doesnt.

  16. Even just a friendly conversation Aaron still sounds so intense.

  17. He’s wearing the same thing he was wearing when he’s in the video tea vs photo

  18. Ronaldos lady coach looks like Robert Lewandowski.
    Similar face.

  19. Although he lost
    But , atleast he spent some time with the GOAT
    So i can say
    He is lucky

  20. Ronaldo is unstoppable 👏 ♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍😍

  21. I didn’t know lewandowski is also a professional poker player. So talent

  22. Chill the fck out dude .. None of them are poker players , Ones a football goat , while one is an actor
    They just having fun Leave em alone

  23. His name is Cristiano lol they keep calling him ‘Ronaldo’

  24. when I finish the day in loss on poker, I come here to watch this

  25. hahahahaha why is aaron paul playing cristiano ronaldo

  26. Pazzzzzzzo kon due 6 dove kazzzzzzz vai segui pureeeeeee il vero re del pokerrrrrrrrr mollllllla sempre😂😂😂😂😂😂😂fino in mutande molllla mollla mollla mollllla re nudo😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👹👹👹👹👹

  27. The football Goat with an actor of the greatest serie in the history.

  28. After the first 30 seconds, I wanted to call clock on this video

  29. why is ronaldo carrying headphones, Is he going to listen Ala Madrid during the game?

  30. Why the hell does Ronaldo have headphones? He gearing up for a 8 hour grind sesh?

  31. Walter: What did you with the money
    Jesse : i played poker with Ronaldo yo.

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