Kumarhane kristali, kumarhane Torrent üzerinden kumarhaneyi bilgisayara indir

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Kumarhaneyi torrent üzerinden bilgisayara indir – Modern çevrimiçi kumarhaneler bonuslu

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107 thoughts to “Kumarhane kristali, kumarhane Torrent üzerinden kumarhaneyi bilgisayara indir”

  1. OMG 😮 i am watching this video 📹 in 2019 after 10 years lol

  2. i have windows 10, and it says: open in app. not: open in a folder

  3. can you make a video How to download game with utorrent redownload 1 file. I have 1 file deleted I want to download just 1 file How Can I do?

  4. I tried to extract the ISO file as you have told in step 4 but they are asking for a password please help me

  5. Look, just speak. Nobody has time to listen to music.This is a very complicated instructions.

  6. have to admit dam good video tutorial, and i am very picked, when it comes to adding music, to video tutorials, but this was to the point, and not annoying, good job

  7. Hey dude i am watching this video now cuzz…the video was uploaded in 2009 but but now is 2019.
    So here is the thing i dont have a graffics card so i dont want COD2,can you tell me how to download
    fortnite from u torrent and i hit the subscribe button as well and a like so pzz tell me how to do it ok.

  8. when iam opening the torrent iam unable to extract win files what to do

  9. This nigga on some X-Files shit wit that music playing lol 😂

  10. Thank you.I have never watched a better video for an explanation.That’s exactly what I needed when I downloaded a game using torrent.

  11. Why the fuck does your intro need to be so long and loud? No one fucking cares.

  12. How do you get an iso file? I’m tryna get sims 4 all packages, but it takes up at least 32gbs 🙁

  13. Instructions unclear cat got microwaved and Im stuck in a tree

  14. it asks for a password encryption key thingy wats that about

  15. 11 years later and its still a solid guide, might have a few question about the daemon tools part. Cant seem to get it to work right…..probably my shitty laptop lol

  16. I downloaded the torrent file online, and it is just one file. There are no WinRAR archives. It is just a file. Do I need an app to open it, or something to that effect?

  17. Hello Sir. Do you know a way to download resident evil revelations without using any disk?

  18. my containing file is not opeaning? wht should i do

  19. Wtf cant comprehend it at all your going too fast and first show us how to download it and transfer

  20. Thank now i knew were to extract files like that now..brow..:)

  21. Why did the fees put in all the other files if you only need one?

  22. why does it asks encrypt file password while extracting??

  23. why would trust a dude with windows xp the notepad and 2009 vid xd

  24. i downloaded PS2 iso from bitlort torrent and burnt directly n it did not work in PS2,…help me!

  25. Yeah I clicked on this video to learn the music thats playing makes me feel like my life depends on learning how to download an effing game

    1. Sup i am from the future in a year 2020: its very very very dangours to go outside in this uear cuz there is a virus called coronavirus and 2020 is the worst year goodluck

  26. win.rar wants u to run any thing that is rar as administor wich is big danger recommend not doing it

  27. When I open up the winrar archive file it comes up as a file folder on winrar. Any advice?

  28. i need magic disc for windows 10 or any other one…this is my only problem

  29. I wanna free up the space on my computer,how do I delete the game from torrent without stopping being abble to play the game…HELP

  30. this dude downloading criss angel mindfreak. what madlad

  31. Im tryna download mirrors edge catalyst and theres no winrar

  32. Well this is an old video but I have spent all day trying to do this but I can’t figure it out can some on please help

  33. But should i do when they want password ? how will i get that password ?

  34. before 2:08 what will i do when it asks for a master password?

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